Cloud Services

Accelerate your move to public cloud

With RR INFO TECH, you can transform your legacy portfolio to cloud-native. Incrementally reduce time, cost, and operational inefficiencies while maintaining security, resilience, and compliance. Our portfolio of services includes right from migrations and managed services to well-architected reviews and architectural redesigns. We help organizations transform their cloud resources into well-architected, secure and higly reliable infrastructure. Our services and solutions are integrated with advanced architectural frameworks and design principles that ensure resolution of challenges into successful end results. Our certified and experienced solution architects and project management teams ensure successful completion of projects resulting into achieving measurable and tangible cloud benefits


Move faster with RR INFO TECH

RR INFO TECH is your cloud migration partner, working in tandem with your IT team to ensure a smooth, efficient cloud transition. Since every organization has different needs, we provide enterprise customers two cloud adoption choices for success – Enterprise Integration and Application Migration. Enterprise Integration provides a way to quickly migrate your workloads to the cloud while remaining secure and compliant; and Application Migration rearchitects your platform and applications to take advantage of the clouds scalability, performance and cost benefits.

Accelerate your path to Cloud

Moving to public cloud is easier said than done, particularly for the existing applications that run your business. Are your apps able to take advantage of cloud elasticity? Are you modernizing them in a way that improves feature velocity?

RR INFO TECH Cloud Modernization Services are Consulting and Management solutions tailored for each client that utilize a combination of expertise, automation and software to achieve better business outcomes. The result for our clients is a faster adoption rate, more agility and greater business value. Our approach has been successful for some of the worlds leading brands and is tested, trusted and proven to accelerate your cloud adoption. Our consultants walk alongside you through your journey to the cloud, from Assessment to Management. We help clients modernize their businesses with our core practice areas.

Simplify your challenges

We have developed strategic alliances with leaders in several technical areas. We are a serious, grown-up, global technology services company that does nothing more or less than solve our customers technological challenges so they can succeed in their business.

Fine tune solutions

We carefully examine your workflow, match you with the perfect hardware and software solutions for your unique challenges. Our emphasis is on acquiring an in-depth knowledge of needs and context to design a solutions that fulfill requirements.

Build new applications faster

We provide solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. Our approach focuses on new ways of business combining IT innovation and adoption while also leveraging an organization's current IT assets.

Amazon Web Services

As the leading cloud solutions provider, we have always done things differently. Across our outcome-driven consulting and managed services, its our software, our application focus and our cloud culture that makes the difference. Whether you are new to AWS and need guidance on making your first steps into the cloud, or already have an AWS environment that you want to optimize for peak performance, we are here for you.

Google Cloud Platform

Together we can achieve your market-leading ambitions with the power and capability of Google Cloud Platform. As pioneers in the space, with unlimited potential of information technology, empowering organizations to use the cloud to reduce risk and spend while increasing competitive advantage and agility. We'll help you accelerate adoption of cloud and new technology safely and securely.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is built for productivity, giving you the freedom to create, deploy, and manage applications using a variety of tools and frameworks on a trusted, global scale. It’s also a hybrid experience, maintaining consistency between the platform and on-premises datacenters. As an intelligent platform, Azure can create business-boosting breakthrough experiences by combining data and AI.